The Inspirational Poet: Edgar Allan Poe

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The inspirational poet- Edgar Ellen Poe
Precise intro to the famous Poe
The highly renowned Edgar Ellen Poe was a poet, American author, literary critic, editor and also known as a part of American Romantic Movement. The inception of this stupendous writer took place in Boston on 19 January, 1809. Appealingly, he was nationwide famous due to his enchanting tales of the macabre and mystery. Poe was among the early initiators of American practitioners of various short stories and he is widely known as the inventor of fiction genre. Not only the wondrous fiction genre was his invention but also the credit of emergence of science fiction goes to him. With due respect, Poe was the very first influential American writer who earned his living through
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He is considered the first American writer who tried earning a healthy living by writing only and was restricted to do so by lack of international copyright rules and laws. Publishers preferred publishing pirated copies by British instead of buying new work from Americans. In addition, the introduction of new technologies was a main barrier and publishers refused to welcome writers and paid them after lengthy delays. Poe struggled hard to earn from his writing skills and consistently came across humiliation for…show more content…
Initially, Poe named his journal as The Penn because it was based in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. On 6 June, 1840, issue of the Philadelphia’s evening post on Saturday made Poe buy advertising space for the prospectus. The Penn magazine which was a literary journal intended to be published and edited in Philadelphia by Edgar Allan Poe. This is what he wrote as an advertisement to his monthly journal which never came into existence before the death of Poe.
Applauding works of Poe
As an editor of Southern Literary Messenger, Poe accomplished in increasing the paper’s circulation from around 500 copies to 3500. In 1837, Poe migrated to the New York City. There he wrote “the Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym” yet he was unable to achieve any success financially. He then shifted to Philadelphia where Poe dedicatedly wrote “the haunted palace” and “Ligeia” in 1838. The outstanding volume of Poe’s short stories “tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque” got published around 1839. This was no less than a success for him but the unjustified fate made Poe receive twenty copies of his book with no
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