Edgar Hoover Dbq

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How did the FBI start and who was the man in charge of it all? J. Edgar Hoover was the head director of the FBI in 1924 to 2972 on his dying day. Hoover was raised by his mother and father in Washington D.C. He did not receive a birth certificate till he was 43 years old. His first job was running mail for the library of congress which he got at the age of 18. He changed how the FBI operated which gave the FBI an edge over the people hoover viewed as threats. Is First person credited with putting together a centralized national fingerprint data base in the government was hoover and as well as being credited with that he is also credited with having a centralized forensic laboratory. Fingerprinting is a common when getting arrested or getting…show more content…
J. Edgar led many operations to help protect the USA against its enemies both outside and possibly inside of the government. Information gained when you are in a place that does not broadcast its doing on every station in America is called spying which is done from the inside. ...and even had an FBI operating the short wave radio station through which the Nazi spies communicated with their bosses in Berlin (the other half of history). Without spies information that has possibly prevented many disasters from happening would not have been gained. For a man who held nothing back in his pursuit of righteous justice and power and believed there were spies everywhere there was a limit. Hoover left no stone untouched when he was after someone he felt was a danger. He was joined by the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, who dismissed the evacuation of Japanese Americans as “utterly unwarranted (Britannica blog). Shows that he had America as a whole not a single race, religion, or culture best wishes in his head. That moving that amount of people was unjustified and this is coming from a man who had wiretaps placed everywhere to try and get information that proves someone is a danger. He went so far to protect the USA he built a secret network that operated in the US during his time as head
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