Edgar Hoover Fingerprinting

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Putting An End To Crime Crime levels in have dropped a significant amount compared to 1920’s if you account for the amount of people. J. Edgar Hoover was always a strong law enforcer. He went through countless divisions and ranks until he reached the top. Once he got to the director of the FBI, he stayed at that position until his death. John Edgar Hoover made America safe due to the amount of divisions and organizations he created to focus on catching criminals. Fingerprinting was a brand new strategy during his time and Hoover took full advantage of it. Fingerprinting allowed for new ways of identification and a trusted method as well. “The FBI is also a service agency which assists law enforcement agencies in identification, technical, and training matters.”(Munro). This quote shows the different ways that fingerprinting branched out into the world. Fingerprinting continued to expand and be used by many other businesses or organizations. “In addition to fingerprints submitted on criminal charges, these included fingerprints of military personnel, government employees, aliens, prisoners of war and private citizens who voluntarily submitted their fingerprint. (Munro). This gives you an example of…show more content…
Hoover was very liked throughout the world so he had the chance to make many changes quickly. “As director, J. Edgar Hover put into effect a number of constitutional changes. (Biography). This shows how he shaped the Bureau how he wanted it and envisioned it over time. Hoover was also liked around the community so he was able to get good support from politics. “He also obtained increased funding from Congress and instituted a technical laboratory that conducted scientific methods for gathering and analyzing evidence. (Biography). This shows how Hoover was supported and how he used his support. This was all in his earlier years of being director but he got into capturing gangsters in his later
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