Edgar Sawtelle And Frankenstein Comparison

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1. Throughout the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, there is a paradox between how humans treat the creature and how the creature thinks of them before knowing the history of mankind. The creature thinks of humans in an idealistic and superior manner that causes it to aspire to be similar to and accepted by them. Despite the fact that humans repeatedly treat the monster in inhumane ways and judge it by its appearance first and foremost, the monster still has hope for the best in humanity. When the monster first encounters the family in the cottage, it “admired the perfect forms” and “longed to discover the motives and feelings of these lovely creatures” (113). Although previous experiences with humans are negative and demeaning, the monster is wonderstruck by the idea and presence of human life. However, the monster's opinion regarding mankind changes after he studies human history. The creature comes to the conclusion that humans lack humanity and sympathy for others despite being human themselves. After hearing the inhumane and violent history of mankind, the monster “turned away with disgust and loathing” (118). It becomes confused by the paradox, wondering how humans can be “so virtuous and magnificent, yet so…show more content…
In some aspects, Frankenstein is similar to The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. In both novels, playing God plays a key role in the storylines and has a significant impact on the characters. In Frankenstein, Victor tries to play God by creating life. However, this action winds up hurting him, since his abandoned creation seeks revenge on him for the injustice he causes in the monster's life. It is clear that Victor can not handle the responsibility of playing God, since shortly after finally creating the monster, “breathless horror and disgust filled my heart” and he is “unable to endure the aspect of the being” he creates. By abandoning his creation and having a mental breakdown, Victor demonstrates that he is mentally unable to handle playing
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