Human Resource Management Case Study: Edible Oil Company

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Problem Statement
The authors find the issue in Edible Oil Company is absenteeism, lateness, and increasing of complaint letter. Not only that, they are also facing the employees resistance and reluctance to change during the intervention process. The most critical issues here are there is no internal practitioner who can professionally imply the intervention process to this company.
There are three resistance factors that is the organization itself, their employees, and the change process. This company cannot be competitive enough if the top management and the employees were not playing their roles such as understanding, accepting, adapting, and held responsible towards the change process. Both parties need to be supportive, creative, innovative,
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There are two objectives stated in this study. Firstly, the study conducted on impact of Organizational Development (OD) intervention towards overall organization which includes factors influencing of power planning, job design and job evaluation, and Human Resource policies. Secondly, to analyze pre and post impact of the change process which helps the authors to evaluate effectiveness by comparing different parameters before and after the change process. There are eight parameters as guide by the DGM – HR manager; Organizational Restructuring, Manpower Planning, Succession Planning, Manpower Assessment (Assessment of HR capital), Framing of HR policies, Job Description and Analysis, Training and Development, and Division of Manpower.
Research Questions
1. What is wrong during the intervention process, and who need to be blame?
2. What are the right methods or approach to ensure the employees able to perform the task correctly?
3. How to improve our own strength and how to build it become stronger?
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While for second objective when use an advance technology, the organization able to reduce work manually, increase productivity and quality, increase skill in handling machinery, and better participation in decision making. Prior to that, it’s contributing employees in increasing their productivity and ability to performed multi-tasking job. As results, this intervention provides better compensation to the employees and increase growth of profits to Edible Oil

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