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Edith Borroff was born in New York City, on August 2, 1925. Her father and mother both musicians and very popular at that, were Marie Bergerson and Ramon Borroff. Her parents were very accomplished pianist. Her mother graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors and also a Masters. She then went on to receive her Ph.D from Yale University. Her mother was the first woman to ever teach in the English Department of Yale. Her father was not very much spoken of. Of course since her parents were musicians, it was only natural that Edith start her career with music at infancy. The music within Borroff definitely came naturally, she was even writing her own pieces of music at the age of six. This skill and dedication for many doesn’t…show more content…
Her pieces were written for chorus and instruments such as the violin, piano, and organ. Her works included Colored Treads (1987), Feed My Sheep (1953), Peace I Live With You (1945), Truth (1973), and Wings of Love: Sonata of Organ (1989.) Not only did Edith contribute greatly to music, but also to education. She wrote many journals and published a book called Three American Composers, the University Press News published it in 1986. This book covers the power shift of how composers are trained, and how it moved from the conservatory system to the university system. This book also covers how it influenced Irwin Fischer, Ross Lee Finney, and George Crumb in their compositions. Since she studied under Irwin Fischer when she studied composition at the American Conservatory of Music, she witnessed firsthand the professionalism, and this is where she gained her inspiration for the book. These three composer of three of the top known American composers, hints the name Three American Composers. A few other books she wrote is American Operas, Music in Europe and the United States, and Music Melting round. She also became a contemporary music critic and listened to performances, and then wrote the reviews for the Ann Arbor News in

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