Edith Hamilton's Mythology

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After reading the Four Great Adventures out of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, I would have to say my favorite story would be Pegasus and Bellerophon. The story is about a man named Bellerophon, who would do absolutely anything to have Pegasus. He then went to Athena’s temple and slept there in hope that he would wake up with what he wanted. He woke up to a gold bridle that could be used to get Pegasus. While riding his new horse, he accidentally killed his brother, and decided that it would be best that he go to Argos where the King, Proetus, could purify him. While there, Bellerophon rejected the King’s wife, Anteia, who told him that she was in love with him. The King knew that he couldn’t punish Bellerophon himself after his wife told him that he needed to be killed, so he sent him off to the King of Lycia to have him killed. The King of Lycia knew he couldn’t kill him, so he sent him off to slay the Chimaera, thinking that he would never come back. Bellerophon conquered the Chimaera, along with the other creatures Proetus sent him to kill. The King then became friends with him and gave him his daughter to marry. After many years of living a happy life, Bellerophon made the gods angry by trying to ride Pegasus up to Olympus. Pegasus knew that he couldn’t handle the journey, so he threw Bellerophon off of him. After…show more content…
The story could get a little confusing because there were so many different names, but that made me pay more attention to the small details and made me really enjoy it. A couple themes I noticed throughout the story are heroism and justice. The theme of justice was shown in the story when Proetus wanted to punish Bellerophon after his wife told him that he needed to be killed. The theme of heroism showed throughout the story when Bellerophon conquered the many creatures that the people around him believed to be impossible to
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