Edith M. Reno's Transgender Equality Rights

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In the news of 2017 there’s been quite an amount of bashing and opinionated laws being addressed. In the century we live in now you would think that everyone would be more open minded or more respectful to the point of where they don’t allow things to bother them. Transgender Equality Rights has been a powerful topic for ages and today the LGBT community are still fighting to just be treated like humans. People learn that “all men are created equal.” However, equality is something that men and women in the LGBT community struggle with and have yet to achieve. LGBT are fighting for bathroom rights, transgender marriage, and how transgender don’t qualify on health care. Bathroom rights has just became a very popular topic in the press. Starting out transgenders using the restroom that they identify as wasn’t so much an issue. The more and more trans people became comfortable the more they get pushed back because of the opinions of others. The main problem is genitals. Most parents wouldn’t want their kids to walk into a restroom where there would be a transgender…show more content…
Reno she states how the different bathroom bills were rejected and put to vote. “The bill would allow transgender people to use the restroom which they would identify themselves as.” For it to come down as a law or bill shows how much the members of the LGBT community are seen as aliens to others. There was also a thought of having paperwork to use the restroom as well. Agreeing with Edith if it was an emergency to use the restroom and the paperwork wasn’t on the person they would have to “try to prove it or hold it,” which is ridiculous. Gender neutral bathrooms are a hot and cold situation meaning that because someone trans can’t use the restroom they identify as they have no choice but to use a gender neutral restroom. If there wasn’t gender neutral restrooms some trans will hold their bladders until they reach a comfortable
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