Editha And Jacob Analysis

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My paper is comparing Editha and Jacob. Editha is a story by Dean Howells. Howells was nicknamed the dean of American letters. In 1915, he received a gold metal for fiction. Jacob comes from the story The Good Little Boy Who Did Not Prosper. Mark Twain is the author. Mark is a very well known author. Each of these stories are different. In some ways Editha and Jacob are alike. In some ways I think they are completely opposite. Editha was a very selfish person. Editha's fiance was named George Gearson. George wasn't eager to join the war at all. Editha wanted him to go into war because she said it made him more of a man. Editha only cared for herself. She didnt care Geoge didn't want to go. Editha did not think about her fiance when she wanted him to go into war. George decided to go into the war to make Editha happy. When he went into the war he told Editha if anything happened to him to go see his mom. George was promoted captian as soon as he went to war. He was also one of the first soliders killed in war. Editha went to his mom after he had died. George's mom was mad at Editha. His mom said it was Editha's fault for making him go. Editha doesn't think she was in the wrong for making him…show more content…
She got what she wanted and ended up losing her soon to be husband. Editha should have let George make his own decision. Although Editha was the selfish one, she was never punished. Jacob was the opposite from Editha. Jacob was always a good person. Jacob always did the right things no matter what. He never forced anyone to do things they didn't want to do. Unlike Editha, Jacob was not that lucky. Jacob always did good things but never received any blessings. Jacob died before he even accomplished his life goal. All Jacob wanted was to be good enough to be in a Sunday school book. Editha should have been more warmhearted like Jacob. Even though Editha wasn't a good person, she still lived. Editha and Jacob compare and contrast in various
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