Editing Techniques In Napoleon Dynamite

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Napoleon Dynamite, directed by Jared Hess, is an unique comedy following the life of a teen named Napoleon. Essentially, the film’s plot is following Napoleon, his family, and their odd adventures. The film shows Napoleon’s high school journey and his new friendships with Pedro and Deb. In the film, Napoleon and Deb work together to help Pedro run for the school president. Additionally, it follows Uncle Rico’s small businesses and Kip’s online love life. The film is filled with many laughs, but the story takes a look at the life of being an outcast in society. Jared Hess, through various characters in Napoleon Dynamite, examines the difficult and rewarding life of being different from everyone else. Jared Hess uses elements of sound to support the film’s purpose. Hess uses the film techniques of music to categorize the characters and the atmosphere in the film. Throughout the film, the “music can suggest…show more content…
This technique is interesting since the subject matter is a realistic one. Hess is “concerned with communicating ideas and emotions in the most effective way possible” (Gianetti 155). The film uses many jump cuts. The film is constantly cutting to show the audience what the director wants them to see. Hess uses this editing technique to emphasize the weirdness of characters. For example, a scene begins with Pedro showing Napoleon his bike. Next, it cuts to Pedro doing jumps on the bike. Then, it cuts to Napoleon trying to jump on the bike and failing to do it. The film, Napoleon Dynamite, is full of laughs, but that is a study of the outcasts in society. Hess uses film techniques of sound and editing to emphasize the difficulties and rewards of being weird. The difficulties of being bullied by others, and the rewards of becoming president of the school. Hess follows truly strange characters, but the audience, beyond the laughs, can begin to relate to these characters and understand their

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