Edmond Dantes: The Count Of Montecristo

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There is a certain beauty to the feel of a book’s pages under the skin, which compels to never stop reading. To immerse oneself onto the worlds described in a book, and to find that which drives us to dream. This is the power that Literature, which is part of the Humanities, can hold over us all. What are the Humanities you wonder? Well let me tell you what I think every time I encounter them; they are our way of connecting with the beauty of this world, and above all, our way to express the beauty that leaves inside us all. For example, what joy brings the discovery of a new book, but much more than that, true joy lays in having a favorite, or several. The Count of Montecristo is my favorite book by far, having read it several times, even in two different languages. I find this story compelling in many ways, the development of the character of Edmond Dantes, the love story behind all the hardship, and the resolution of the main conflict, are just a few of…show more content…
Going from the top of the story until the end, there is never a dull moment on the characters development. Furthermore, the complexity of the character of Edmond Dantes, (The Count of Montecristo) reveals the profound conflict between the boundaries of good and bad, present inside all human creatures. He represents at the beginning the embodiment of a good and simple man, driven by his desire to do well in life, to provide for his elderly father and his fiancée, with whom he is madly in love. Even when he is betrayed and imprisoned, he tries to hold on tightly to his goodness. But like any man, he starts to break, and hate and resentment fill his hearth. Even when he escapes, and tastes freedom, his goodness has been squashed by bitterness. Which leads his actions from this point of the story until he finds that which really makes him move forward;
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