Edmund Burke's Criminal Justice Reform

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A State without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation. Edmund Burke
Perhaps, I would describe the situation with the Criminal Justice Reform in our country with the words of Irish politician Edmund Burke. We have no right to miss the vital "reboot" process of the judicial authorities at this stage. The conception of the law-governed state cannot be achieved until the country has a clear mechanism of protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms that are the key objects when deciding the fate in criminal matters.
One of the key areas’ reforms, namely, criminal justice should become the main task for the authorities since the adoption of the Criminal Procedure Code without creating a new system of criminal justice
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For someone it will be the springboard to a new sense of justice and a vector for further personal growth. Thus, I am sure each participant will be heard. Moreover, his/her voice has a chance to become not just words, but active actions. First, they will become those who are really important in the process of reforming the Criminal Justice, and then, perhaps, those who will get a real possibility to become a part of the great Judicial…show more content…
On the one hand, we have a very short period, albeit by using very rigid and painful measures, not to destroy the old system, but to build a solid foundation on which those who deserve the penalty will pay it. On the other hand, those who dispense justice will not even think that the law has the rank, status, and most importantly the price. The main goal of reforming Criminal Justice is a prosperous society where the right and duty of a single citizen have unquestioning force for State itself and each individual
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