Edmund Crispin: A Suspenseful Mystery Story

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Edmund Crispin was a notorious literary author who was known for his suspenseful mystery stories. Although, he did not focus on writing throughout his entire life, he still became famous and well-known. Edmund Crispin was born on October 2, 1921, and died on September 15, 1978. He initiated his writing at the age of 23 and wrote his first book, “The Case of the Gilded Fly.” His father, Robert Ernest, was an Ulsterman, and his mother Scottish. It was said that Crispin’s life was full of paradox. Edmund did not partake in or engage in any sports due to his physical weakness, directing him to writing and composing. These acts endorsed Edmund to make an immense profit. Edmund Crispin attended St. John’s College in Oxford and graduated in 1943.
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