Murder, No Apparent Motive Analysis

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Imagine seeing someone who is a staggering six foot nine and 300 pounds (“Edmund Emil Kemper” 1). This person turns out to be the nicest, most polite person anyone has ever met (“Murder, No Apparent Motive"). This person is even friends with many cops (“Murder, No Apparent Motive"). Then they’re charged for 10 accounts of murder and no one could believe this person actually did this (“Murder, No Apparent Motive"). This was basically what happened with a serial killer named Edmund Emil Kemper III, also known as The Co-Ed Killer (Murderpedia 1). Robert K. Ressler actually said, “One individual who I can think of was described by the prosecutor as the nice serial killer he ever encountered… Edmund Kemper” (“Murder, No Apparent Motive"). Kemper’s…show more content…
Ed actually picked up many hitchhikers and released them ("Edmund Kemper Biography" 1). He did this mostly to see if he was able to keep his sanity and resist his urge to kill. He picked up two females and drove them to where they wanted to go (“Murder, No Apparent Motive). He even went passed where he killed his first two victims (“Murder, No Apparent Motive). He was able to resist the urge to kill and dropped them off safely, being sane he whole time (“Murder, No Apparent Motive). Ed had a variety of jobs that he worked at. He actually worked at the Atascadero Institution while he was a patient there (Murderpedia 5). He helped administer tests to patients and was eager to work, which is a good sign because most sociopaths don’t want to work (Murderpedia 5). Ed then wanted to be a police officer, but could not because there was a size and weight restriction at the time ("Edmund Kemper Biography" 2). Instead, he settled for something simpler, like being a part of the California Highway Department ("Edmund Kemper Biography" 2). Ed attended community college for a certain amount of time, too ("Edmund Kemper Biography" 2). Ed ironically had friends that were cops that called him “Big Ed” ("Edmund Kemper Biography" 2). Most of all, Kemper was able to act sane because he looked normal, had a normal car, and had a normal life when he was released from Atascadero (“Murder, No Apparent Motive"). Big Ed even admitted that he picked up girls just to talk to them because he was socially awkward (“Murder, No Apparent Motive"). Even when some girls would talk about who the killer was with him, he was able to act sane and not act out (“Murder, No Apparent Motive"). At one point, the police came to his house looking for a .44 magnum (“Murder, No Apparent Motive"). He actually talked to them, and gave them the gun, without blinking an eye (“Murder, No Apparent Motive"). Edmund had was able to act sane even
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