Edmund Kemper: A Serial Killer

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How would you feel if your loved one’s went outside the house and never came back? There are many innocent people in the world that disappear and never came back. We all have an unknown fear of losing someone we love. But some people do not share the same perspective, these people are the sociopaths, psychopaths and have other mental disorders which changes their ways of interpreting things. One of the tortured soul who killed innocent people was Edmund Kemper. He suffered from an offensive childhood at his mother’s hands. Most of the time it’s the troubled childhood that lead serial killers to kill but sometimes other factors like mental conditions and the inability to fulfil their physical and sexual desires can contribute as well; hence, making it a mystery that what exactly is that derives serial killers to kill. Edmund always had a difficult relationship with his alcoholic mother, who forced him to live in the basement. She was wary of him that he might hurt his sisters as he decapitated their dolls’ heads and forced his sisters to play ‘gas chamber’ with him. His parents were divorced, he tried to contact his father in his age but was kicked out. He was end…show more content…
In this type of mental illness, victims think people are plotting against them or their family. Some patients have auditory hallucinations. Individuals tend to plan to protect themselves from the prosecutors. Edmund planned his murders in a very organised manner and did stick to it until the end, which included killing, then decapitating and removing hands. He was skillful killer who was never caught by the police, both his arrest were intentional. Some studies have found a link between damage to the brain’s frontal lobe and changes in the amygdala in criminal serial killers. Scientists say that damage to the frontal lobe, the hypothalamus and limbic system can cause extreme aggression, lose control, and poor judgment in the
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