Edmund Kemper: Serial Killer

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Edmund Kemper was a serial killer who was known for the murdering of his grandparents, his mother and her friend, and six female hitchhikers. During his childhood, there were many early signs of violence and criminality. Kemper was said to have a “dark fantasy life” and would often dream about killing his own mother when he was younger (Biography.com Editors). Furthermore, Kemper participated in the act of animal torturing at a very young age. When he was ten years old, Kemper “buried a pet cat alive; once it died, he dug it up, decapitated it and mounted its head on a spike”. He then stated that lying to parents about the murder of his cat, gave him pleasure. He later killed another family cat because he believed that it was favoring his younger sister over him. He cut up the cat into pieces and stashed the remains in his closet.
Compared to an average child, Kemper had a very unusual behavior; his idea of “games” were not that of a typical kid. Kemper was known to, “cut off the heads and hands of his
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Kemper was the middle child of E. E. and Clarnell Kemper. By the time Kemper was only 9 years old, his parents were already divorced. Since they filed for a divorce when Kemper was very young, more than likely Kemper was surrounded by a lot of fighting and arguing in his home. Kemper had a very close relationship with his father, Edmund Emil Kemper II. However, Kemper had a troublesome relationship with his “alcoholic mother…[who] blamed him for all of her problems” (Biography.com Editors). She repeatedly reminded Kemper that no one would ever love him and that he was a “real weirdo”. From the start, we can see that Kemper had a very unusual relationship with his mother. When Kemper was only 10 years old, his mother “forced him to live in the basement, away from his sisters, whom she feared he might harm in some way” (Biography.com
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