Edmund Kemper: The Co-Ed Butcher

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Edmund Kemper also known as the Co-ed Butcher was born on December 18, 1948. He had a very troubled childhood. Once his parents divorced in 1957, he moved from California to Montana with his sisters and mother. Kemper’s mother was a raging alcoholic; she was critical, always blaming him for problems that occurred. When he turned 10 she forced him to move into the basement of his house, that way he couldn 't harm his sisters. At a very young age, he began having a dark fantasy about killing his mother. He then began acting out, he took his sister 's dolls and cut off their heads and even coerced his two sisters to play a game he created. By the age of 13, he killed his cat with a knife. He would often bury his childhood pets alive and then dig them back up to cut off their heads and mount them on a pole. Edmund hated living without his father so he ran away to California where his father lived. But he soon came to realize that his father started a family of his own. He stayed for a while but his father eventually kicked him out and was forced to go life with his grandparents because his mother wanted nothing to do with him. Edmund hated living with his grandparents, they lived on a farm in California. He continued killing animals, but he progressed to using a rifle that his grandfather took away. He began building up his anger, he turned on his grandparents and shot them at the age of 15. He disliked his grandmother because she emasculated him, he shot her just to see what it felt like to kill someone. He then proceeded to kill his grandfather because he knew that he would be mad that he killed his grandmother. When a child commits such violent crimes, they have to undergo a series of…show more content…
The Co-Ed butcher was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder.
Kemper knew that he wouldn 't be able to control his temptation to kill so he thought the best solution was to be tortured in prison. But instead, the judge sentenced him to eight concurrent life
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