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Kemper could no longer bare his controlling grandmother, he finally snapped and shot her in the back of the head and repeatedly stabbed her dead body. A few minutes after, Ed hears his grandfather’s truck pulling in. Although Ed liked his grandfather, he went outside and shot him as well, because Ed did not want his grandfather to see what he had done to his wife. Astonishingly, Edmund calls his mother to confess what he had done and ask what he should do. His mother tells him to call the police and inform them. He follows her instructions and waits on his grandparents’ porch for the police to arrive. When police asked why he did it, 15 year old Ed responded, “I just wanted to see how it felt to shoot grandma,” ("Edmund Kemper."). The court psychiatrists…show more content…
On May 7, 1973 Edmund Kemper III stood in court for his trial. Edmund had attempted suicide twice with a pen or parts of a pen while in custody, but survived both. His trial resumed on October 23, 1973. Under truth serum, Ed confessed to cannibalism, slicing strips of their legs and putting it in a casserole. He had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, however three court appointed psychiatrist found him legally sane. On November 1, 1973 jury convened for approximately five hours before declaring Edmund Kemper III guilty. Kemper requested his sentence to be death, death by torture. Instead, Judge Harry F. Brauer indicted him of eight accounts of first degree murder and sentenced him seven years to life cc (concurrently) at the California Medical Facility. Many, including Edmund himself, believe his actions and crimes were caused by his disturbed childhood. From murdering his grandparents in 1964 to slaughtering co-eds in the time of peace, sex, drugs, and war, Edmund had always found pleasure in his work. He is currently imprisoned at the California Medical Facility, making the most of himself by being involved with a program provided by the facility where you read books out loud and record for

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