Edna Dialectical Journal

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Vocabulary 1. Idiosyncrasy- noun: A mode of behavior or way of thought particular to an individual (p93) 2. Coquetry- noun: The behavior or arts of a coquette; flirtation (p96) 3. Effrontery- noun: Shameless or impudent boldness; barefaced audacity (p106) Discussion Questions 1. Do you think that Mr. Pontellier's description of Edna's change in behavior is as bad as he describes it to Doctor Mandelet in chapter 22, or is it just in his head? 2. If you were Edna's sister who was getting married, would you forgive her if she didn't attend your wedding? 3. Do you think Edna will tell Alcee about Robert, or will she keep it a secret? Why? Summary Leonce goes to the family physician, Doctor Mandelet and reports Edna's recent odd behaviors.…show more content…
Mandelet wants to inquire about another possible man in Edna's life, but refrains because of Leonces probable negative reaction. Edna's father is in New Orleans preparing for his youngest daughters wedding. Edna takes her father for dinner at Mrs. Ratignolles. She later feels acquainted to him for the first time, and takes pleasure in catering to his every need. Horse racing is the major talking point between Edna and her father. On Thursday Mandelet dines with the Pontelliers, but doesn't notice the drastic changes in Edna's behavior that Leonce describes. Edna and her father have a dispute over her refusal to attend her sisters wedding. Soon after the dispute, her father leaves, Leonce travels to New York on business, and the children leave with the quadroon. Edna is home alone and experiences feelings different from her normal ones. Edna is happy and relieved to be home alone, with no one except her maids and servants. While home alone, Edna frequently attends horse races with Alcee Acrobin and Mrs. Highcamp. Acrobin builds a romantic interest in Edna and one day kisses her hand. With that kiss Edna feels unfaithful, not to Leonce, but to Robert. She instantly tells Acrobin that she is done attending horse races and that he is not permitted to
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