Edna St. David Millay Analysis

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Edna St. Vincent Millay was a poet born in Rockland, Maine in 1892. She was raised by her divorced mother who taught each of her children to appreciate literature. Her mother played a large role in her becoming a poet along with her being known as a feminist. After graduating from Vassar College she began an open marriage with Eugen Boissevain in 1923. It is interesting to see her different views about sex and love before and after she entered her marriage. This may have been a key factor to her views on love. I think I should have loved you presently and I too beneath your moon, almighty sex both explore all the aspects of love but in much different ways. The first poem being analyzed, I think I should have loved you presently, was written in 1920 describing the first time having sex with a new man. “I think I should have loved you presently,/ And given in earnest words I flung in jest;” (1, 2), at first she just wanted to have fun, but once she began thinking she decided that she should’ve actually loved him before entering a sexual relationship with him. Although she may not have loved him yet, she still cared for him and it is shown by her…show more content…
This woman is much different than the woman in I think I should have loved you presently, because she sleeps around and doesn’t think twice about entering a sexual relationship with any man. She is independent and she strives to live her own life. “Are well aware of shadowy this and that/ In me, that’s neither noble or complex.” (6, 7) is saying that we all have a dark side and she is referring to her secretive sexual life. She states that in this side of her she is neither noble or complex, meaning that it is simple and meaningless to her. “And lust is there, and nights not spent alone.” (14) is her stating that she lives this lifestyle. Each night is not spent alone due to her sexual life and that is okay to
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