Edna's Relationship In The Awakening

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Edna was flabbergasted that Robert did not share with her that he is leaving for Mexico. Edna is very much infatuated with Robert in an immature sense while Robert is mature enough to realize that they cannot have a serious relationship because she is already married. She clings to his hand when he is about to leave and she wants him to write but in return receives a simplistic answer. He knows he cannot further develop his feelings for her, but Edna fails to understand why. Although he tells Edna he is leaving for business matters, he is going to Mexico because he knows he cannot be with Edna and he does not want any more temptations. Robert wants more than an affair with Edna, he wants a relationship. He wants to marry her but he is also aware that it is not realistic. He does not want to be ridiculed by society; therefore, he pushes Edna away.
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