Eduardo Cuellar Aguilar's The Crash Room

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The Crash Room Analysis What do you want to be when you grow up? This tends to be a famous question asked young children and adolescents. However, the question ends up getting an answer. It may be silly or serious answers such as a cupcake, firefighter, or doctor. The things is, no matter what we answer, once we actually have to phase reality and choose the career that will define us, we can loose ourselves in the process. That is what Eduardo Cuellar Aguilar had to go through to be where he wanted to be. Therefore, throughout this essay, there will be small encounters with how the short story, “The Crash Room,” shares similarities to flashbacks, characterization, and protagonist. This literary analysis will support the theme portrayed in…show more content…
Apart from the protagonist, the story introduces two characters that play a major role in Eduardo’s life. Eduardos’ mother, a hardworking woman, is introduced as a housekeeper from Weslaco, Texas. Throughout the story, the readers were able to see the mothers’ character not settle for less. She was introduced to many opportunities to follow her dreams and had a great support system encouraging her. “After six months of training, Mom was on her own and held the job title X-Ray Technician,” (Rice, 2011, p. 317) this shows the tremendous effort to achieve her goals. Which is later portrayed in her son’s lives. As for Roger’s character, he was the goofy “jock” brother who picked on his brother for any idiotic reason. However, he loved his family. Although, Roger was not mentioned very much, the readers’ were able to see the side of him that was dedicated. His dedication “to be the fastest in his division,” (Rice, 2011, p. 444) is was important because it is what sparked a flame in Eduardo to finish medical school. Lastly, the protagonist was quite fascinating character. The character was able to grow into a mature human being. However, this is because of his family. He was able to take the guidance and the same dedication that his mother and brother did to achieve their goals in life. It might have been a bit more challenging, but he was
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