Educate To Hydrate Case Study

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As for my part in this company, I feel the best role that I would excel at for the Educate to Hydrate organization would be the part as an Advocacy Director. For my Myers-Brigg results, I am an ESFJ personality type. I am a detail-oriented person and I plan ahead of time of my goals, schedule conflicts, and time management in order to avoid procrastination. These skills could be incorporated into identifying Educate to Hydrate’s advocacy goals and strategies. I also feel that in building relationships for this organization, I could use my excellent communication skills in order to work with organizational partners and networks so that our professional relationship can ensure the overall success of the company. I would also want to use my skill of reevaluating documents with me in this position because it will be important to monitor and evaluate the funds that Educate to Hydrate provides in order to see the progression and areas of improvement other organizations service sectors. Cendy is the best-qualified candidate to be the Executive Director for Educate to Hydrate organization. Cendy falls under in the Myers-Brigg…show more content…
Her Myers-Brigg personality is an ESFJ. She is the best fit for this position because she is a warm/friendly person and she could use those skills as a contribution to this particular organization while working on immediate, practical details of the Educate to Hydrate organization. Her strong integrity and competency can enhance the public image of our organization and furthering the cause for future endeavors. By planning special events, cultivating new donors to support the organization, and support volunteers etc. Miranda would be able to demonstrate new strategies and techniques from using her network and technological skills to increase Educate to Hydrate finances, support systems, and progress towards the
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