Educating Rita Character Analysis

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In this text, I will mention how the character, Rita from the play, Educating Rita changes. I will also compare how her changes are differing her from the start and the end of the play, and comment upon how she develops throughout the education.

First of all, Rita is a dynamic character. She develops and gains experience which shapes her into the new person she is at the end of the play. At the start of the play, she appears to be insecure and does not feel that she is getting anywhere in life. She is also feeling honoured to be able to speak to someone like Frank, her tutor. The reason she feels insecure and out of place could be the society round her’s expectations of how she is supposed to be and what she is supposed to do. She does not want to be like the other people around her who go to the pub, drink and do not get an education. However, she does get an
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She tells Frank that she wants him to change her and to make her be able to write essays like the rest of the students. She is becoming very determined and secure on her goal to learn ‘’everything’’. In her conversation with Frank in his office, she picks up her essay and throws it in the trash bin so she can try again and improve her skills of writing. ‘’Right. So we dump that in the bin, an’ we start again.’’ (ER, 71).

Rita’s clothes are also changed from the beginning and the end of the play. In act 2 scene 1, Rita has bought herself new clothes through the summer school. This may symbolize the change of her economy, and a change in her appearance as a person and life. The new clothes can sort of be a change of identity. Rita is now a new woman. She even made friends at the summer school who only did funny things, opposed to the people in the hair saloon she used to work in. Rita has also gotten the confidence and bravery to stand up and ask a question in front of thousands of people at a
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