Education And Educare: The Importance Of Education

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Education is essential for everyone. It is the level of education that helps people earn respect and recognition. According to Preserved Articles (2001), in educating an individual we attempt to give him desirable knowledge, understanding, skills, interests, attitudes and critical thinking. Education has been seen as “a critical tool in the transformation towards sustainability” (Firth & Winter, 2007). Education prepares an individual to become fully equipped to conquer and survive in the competitive world. Teachers portray a very significant role in cultivating in the mind of each of their students the importance of education and to instill to them that through education, they will be able to gain success inside their…show more content…
One type is worldly education and the second type is what is referred to as “Educare” (Jumsai, 2005). Education will equip a person with knowledge that enables to earn a living, and to become fame and great. However, “Educare” will bring out the latent human values from within and will transform the person into a good human with character. Education is related to educating the head whereas Educare is related to education of the Heart. Both education and Educare are necessary important in imparting learning in the human totality. With a sound mind and body it assumes that with greater interconnectedness with in the totality of learning will have the great impact in the development of a certain…show more content…
Previous research has shown that many teachers generally do not feel confident teaching PE (physical education) (Xiang, Lowy & McBride, 2002). Lack of confidence, knowledge, and expertise has been found to be related to the quality of PE teacher education teachers receive (Morgan & Bourke, 2005). Tremblay, Pella, and Taylor (1996) found that lack of teacher preparation was the greatest barrier to quality PE programs. Problems with the quality of PE teacher education may be worsen when teachers hold negative attitudes toward PE and question its value for children. This finding has been reported in the literature (Andrews, 1987; Faucette & Patterson, 1989; Howarth, 1987), although it is not undeniable. Other researchers have suggested that many teachers value PE but lacking of confidence. For example, Morgan (2008) found that teachers believe in the benefits of PE but would rather teach other subjects. Xiang et al. (2002) reported that many preservice classroom teachers were unwilling to teach PE but value it as an important curriculum

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