Education And Education In Schools

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Education should be a top priority in a governments budget. Funding should come from taxes and imports. It is a vital public good that should be enjoyed by all.

Students should be graded on how much they improve on the subject. For instance, if a student starts a class struggling but shows effort in understanding the material, they would get a positive grade reflecting that. This encourages change and innovation.

We must encourage innovation and creativity in schools. Students in school nowadays are socialized by their parents. As a result of this, students have no true interests.

The point of educational institutions is for students to explore ideas, arts and to overcome the socialization process. We have failed our students in this regard. As a result of school being boring, students turn to drugs and alcohol.

Socialization from parents comes with bias. That is why educational institutions must balance these biases. We must introduce students to an eclectic set of texts. We must be as non-bias as possible.

Arguments must come from both sides of an issue and should be objective. Our educational institutions must be colored by basic math, science and facts. Its difficult to have no biases at all, but we must try to be as objective as possible.

What is the point of education if it is not to improve society? Random facts and knowledge are useless if there is no practical application in the world. We should teach students how to fix issues, not know random facts. The
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