Influence Of Schooling And Culture In The Society

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Schooling and culture in the society
Education or schooling is the is the act of learning where by knowledge ,life skills, the beliefs and values of a society are passed from one generation to another, this is in the formal context but schooling informally is what a person is trained by their guardians especially at home. Culture stands for a way of life of a given group of persons unique to themselves. A society stands for a group of people living or staying together in a given geographical area, who share common beliefs and maybe laws that govern their interactions. This clearly implies that the society and culture are already established and education is the aspect that will have to come gradually and fix in the system. Education has to
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If culture can be introduced to education, there will be no improvement on how a society does things, for instance the culture of not recognizing women as valuable members of some societies, if incorporated to education systems it will not allow any progress in empowering women .but if education is allowed into such cultural practices it will allow the appreciation of women in such societies. People go to school to ensure the outdated things in cultures of a society are not surfacing to affect developmental programs of a society at show by Havinghurst et al (1962). Schools are supposed to make better member of a society by transforming their thinking and attitudes concerning life and other…show more content…
But then again my parents have been a major force, they planned it for me and I wanted it too.” Personally I joined education basically because my parents wanted me to and I was more motivated by the benefits that will come along as my parents told me. I had dreams and I was told only through going to school I can achieve them .With this in mind I have been able to climb the ladder of education and now am self-motivated to pursue it to the extreme level for I have seen the benefits are many .like my respond who said, “……..…We cannot compare, they are the ones robbing with violence because they are too lazy to get legitimate money, and their dressing culture doesn’t fit any occasion like they can differentiate dress code for worship places and social events. They can barely show gratitude to those who show kindness to them .I know and do the exact opposite.”I can say the same as well; I am different from ordinary youths who for one reason or the other left education after high school level. My parents are looking up to me to mentor my young brother in the best knowledge that have acquired through schooling. Theybelieve I have learned new and better cultures like how to talk to
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