Education And Education: Schooling And Culture In The Society

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Schooling and culture in the society Education or schooling is the is the act of learning where by knowledge ,life skills, the beliefs and values of a society are passed from one generation to another, this is in the formal context but schooling informally is what a person is trained by their guardians especially at home. Culture stands for a way of life of a given group of persons unique to themselves. A society stands for a group of people living or staying together in a given geographical area, who share common beliefs and maybe laws that govern their interactions. This clearly implies that the society and culture are already established and education is the aspect that will have to come gradually and fix in the system. Education has to be integrated well into the culture of a society, to help modify those beliefs and knowledge together with skills acquired. Without education no new knowledge to improve skills and attitudes within a culture will be available and the society will remain victims of status quo. Education starts at home before one is sent to school, at home one is taught basic skills at an early age as well as how to speak and write .In school one is introduced to reading and writing which is a little complex aspect of education but one is expected to be able to handle with time as brain development is assumed to have reached the capacity to handle school tasks. Education is supposed to be incorporated into culture and not culture in education.(the

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