Essay On The Importance Of Education

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Education is an outlet to create better opportunities but most importantly to build on knowledge, career and any sort of higher platform. Education is valued in my household and in my family’s native country, Haiti. Growing up I was forced to read and write every night before going to bed. This was a constant exercise I held on until I started high school. If it were anyone who drilled me into reading and writing it would be my grandfather. He has taught me the importance of literacy and he is the main reason I switch my major in biochemistry to history. My love for history has span as far back as I can reach in the country side of Haiti as my grandfather would tell me stories as we play cards under the mango tree. As a child my grandfather introduce me to Haitian literature. I read constantly about the history of Haiti and other countries within the Caribbean. He sparked my interest on the topic of social studies. I began to…show more content…
It is difficult to teach a topic if students cannot it relate to their everyday lives. Students and teachers both need to be motivated so learning can be effective and worthwhile. Finding students strengths and weaknesses can help us as teachers find ways to use different learning approaches to help our students succeed. Overall, growing up literacy was very much imbedded into my everyday life with the help of my grandfather. Today I still do a lot of reading but not as much as before do to working and schoolwork load. I realize how important reading and writing is as I get older and become more educated about the issues in education. My goal as a social studies teacher is to help students raise the literacy level but yet have a great time learning new things. I want every student I teach to obtain a good quality education. My students obtaining a good I have to be a good quality teacher who is in the interest of their
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