Essay On Open And Distance Education

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Introduction The demand for educational opportunities, at all levels, has increased significantly in recent years. People are becoming more aware of the need to educate themselves well to function effectively in this modern world and be eligible for work in today’s very competitive job market. Education is seen as the potential key to personal empowerment, social unity, cultural prosperity, and economic development (Carneiro, 2013). It creates capable, knowledgeable, qualified individuals who are able to make valuable and positive contributions to their own lives, and the lives of others. This influences productivity in the workplace as well as in society. According to Jacob and Ludwig (2009), individuals possessing higher levels of academic…show more content…
Open learning is seen as an educational goal or strategy, wherein there are no obstacles to student learning (Bates, 2008). Distance education is a method of education, wherein students are able to study in their own time, at their choice of place and pace, without a teacher being present (Bates, 2008). Programmes which combine open and distance modalities can, therefore, offer out-of-school youth the option of acquiring an education, possibly tailored to meet their specific learning needs, despite their poor economic background. They are provided with learning resources and educational approaches delivered in locations convenient to them. Open and distance education is a good option for improving the lives of out-of-school youth; as it facilitates the achievement of results that are comparable with those of traditional institutions and can reach many individuals who could not attain qualifications in the traditional setting (Perraton, 2010). The convenience offered enables individuals to be employed whilst attending school. Open and distance learning can make a significant difference to the wellbeing and livelihoods of citizens, including the youth, and contribute considerably to meeting the development goals of a nation (IDCE,
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