Education And Poverty In Education

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Education enables students to achieve a higher academic performance. However, many students in the United States are unable to achieve possible education opportunities due to poverty today. Students are expected to acquire a quality education, but the costs of schooling prevent many children to gain such qualities. Research has shown that 46.2 million people in the U.S. have been living in poverty in 2011. Poverty impacts a child’s capability to learn and process information depending on their background and source of income. A number of factors in the student’s surroundings, such as their home environment, create a possible barrier for any student who aims to accomplish a standard academic performance. Also including - -malnutrition and starvation, violent backgrounds, or non-involvement of parents—is more common in homes towards incomes that are in poverty level. Clearly projecting that an individual who has lived in poverty during their childhood, it is more difficult to attain a quality education to pursue within the effects of poverty. Education in poverty has become a major conflict in sufficient learning for students today. Education is a high priority for Americans today, allowing them to pursue a successful career. As higher costs for a quality education increases, student debt constantly becomes a struggle for low- income individuals. Student debt is a rising issue that influences Americans from ages, religion, races and different areas of the country;

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