Education Argumentative Essay

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America is encountering an incredibly large crisis that if ignored, will turn our society into a disaster. The issue at hand here is the incredibly lacking education system that we are putting our kids into. America used to be a world leader in education. America used to be a good example for other countries to follow. America is now lagging behind the rest of the developed world in a very scary way. We have allowed our children to get lazy in every aspect of their schooling. The teachers make it too easy, the administrators make it too easy, the parents make it too easy. All of this adds up to the joke of a school system we have today. It is such a ridiculous system where the gifted and talented kids are wasted in classes that are not worth…show more content…
What this means is that we need a more personalized plan for our schooling. Again this can relate into better placement based on their latent ability to learn, but also their desire to follow a certain career path. Why should a student who wants to be a civil engineer and design bridges for a living need to know what part of a human cell is responsible for creating energy? The pros of updating our schooling system quite obviously outweighs the cost, so why have we not done it already? This is the question that we need to be asking the politicians that we are electing. This change would spur greater economic growth, and would make america competitive on the global trading market. It is essentially investing in the future of our kids, and quite honestly, I can not think of a better way to spend our country's money. It would not be a difficult adjustment, and could be started today if the funding was there. The biggest hurdle that will have to be crossed will be the social one. Getting the kids excited about a ned education system will be difficult at first, and will probably come with some backlash, but over time the benefits will begin to show, and the test scores will keep going
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