Education As An Instrument Of Social Change Essay

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Education as an instrument of social change: One of the most formidable and potent tool of social change is Education. The society can bring about pertinent and much sought after desirable changes through education and modernize itself. By creating the right kind of ambience and by providing ample opportunities and experiences, education can enable an individual to cultivate and groom himself for adjustment with the emerging needs and philosophy of the changing society and aid in the can transformation of society as a whole. A sound social progress needs careful and meticulous planning in every dimension of life, be it political, economic, social and cultural. Education must be tailored to suit the needs of the society…show more content…
It can bring about a change in attitudes of people in favour of small family towards rising above orthodox values and socio-cultural barriers of caste and class and towards religion and secularism. Education interacts with the process of social development which is another name of social change.
Assistance in creating desire for change: Education creates a desire for change in a society which is pre-requisite for any kind of change to come. It makes people aware of social evils like drinking, dowry, gambling, begging, bonded labour etc. and creates an urge to fight and change such things. Education makes under-privileged, down-trodden and backward people aware of their lot and instills a desire to improve their conditions. Thus education creates a desire for change.
Assistance in adopting social change: Whenever some social change occurs, it is easily adopted by some people while others find it very difficult to adjust themselves to this change. It is the function of education to assist people in adopting good
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