Education Capstone Project Analysis

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Purpose of Project:
The purpose of my project is to investigate which level of government has the most significant impact on education policy, and how certain decisions can affect not only the decisions teachers make on a daily basis, but also how education issues are addressed in the United States as a whole.
While there has been a large amount of focus on decisions being made at the federal level over the last decade such as No Child Left Behind and the Every Students Succeeds Act, states have also been placed in the spotlight in recent years. Some notable examples of state actions include the efforts to remove and replace the Common Core standards as well as an increase of legislators supporting school choice. Both of these issue have been
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These decisions may be covered and discussed by the local press, but rarely get media and public traction outside of a small community.
My Capstone project would analyze what education decisions are made at certain levels of government, as well as the scale of these decisions and the effects these decisions have on classrooms. This project will help explain the multiple players present in a child’s education, as well as detail the directions and policies teachers must follow in order to satisfy certain
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In order to best describe certain actions, interviews will need to occur between myself and multiple education leaders. This includes teachers, local school board members, state education leaders, state legislatures and education representatives from the federal level. In addition, research from various studies and academic papers will be gathered and researched in order to gain a better understanding of this matter.
What is to be learned? Accomplished?
Through my Capstone project, I hope to inform people about the impact governments have on decisions regarding education and related policy. In addition, I hope to accomplish a better understanding of the political dynamics of American education, and have the ability to inform others of my findings.
What data and documentation are anticipated?
The data I am anticipating will deal heavily with how much money a school may receive from various government bodies, as well as how certain funds are tied directly into policy and certain decisions. The documentation I am anticipating are minutes and policies passed by numerous government bodies, as well as studies conducted by researchers, sociologists and political
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