Education Development In Thailand

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History shapes the present, and it widely affects many aspects of a society, including education. In Thailand, education is said to be one of the key of nation building and state formation; therefore, it has typically been used for various purposes:to promote religious doctrines, to implant political thought and national identities. Education development is directly tied, and cannot be detached from state formation thus numerous history forces have a great influence on the growth of the country’s educational systems.
Thai education development has been propelled by political and religious reasons since the ancient times. Formally starting in the early of 13th century, along with the invention of Thai alphabets by Sukhothai’s king: Ramkhamhang
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Regarded as state religion and core moral value among Thai people, Buddhism has always been promoted by Thai kings and rulers. It can be considered that education was developed along with the progress and stability of Buddhism in the country. The strong belief in Buddhism in such period contributed to religion-based education, which focus mainly on morality from the teachings of Buddha. On the other hand, since commoners cannot take part in politics, the government was likely to take education development for granted. Absolute monarchy system gave kings an ability to freely indicate what to study and what not to; therefore, the state’s values and trends was easily influenced by education that based on merely monarch…show more content…
It led to the Siamese revolution (1932 AD), which introduced democracy concept in Thailand, and followed by the second wave of education reform in 1973-1980. The reform was provoked by student activists who protested against a dictator government. The protest expanded widely, and it eventually brought about huge conflicts in the country. The education system in such period was propelled by patriots and the sense of unity. However, after the revival of democracy, leading administrators found the need to abolish inequality of the system, unify the administration of the education system, and improve the curriculum up to

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