Education Essay: How Education Is Important In Society

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In today's society, no one in the world gets anywhere without an education. Education is very important to our society. The more knowledge we develop the more we can do with our future. Education helps individuals become wiser, so they can make their own decisions to shape society. In fact, education helps one become a helpful member of society. An educated member definitely has a greater chance to contribute to their community. Education helps an individual become an active member of society and participate in ongoing changes and developments. Education is important because it shapes society. Throughout history, those who are educated have impacted the world such as Albert Einstein. Society and education are closely bound units and consequently cannot be separated from each other. Majority of individuals learn from our surroundings as well as from our experiences. Every day we are given opportunities to experience knew entities and understand subjects that are necessary for the future. Education leads people to the path of knowledge and helps form ourselves as an individual. We have been given the gift of education to use as a tool to shape our society from our own perspectives. At some point in time, we've all been asked the question: What's the…show more content…
As students, we are fortunate enough to be taught by teachers who have begun to impact society in some way. "Teachers consider education the most important thing (pg.7 CCC)." Without education today, we would not have first responders, doctors, teachers, etc. Having educational opportunities to save lives in various of ways is unimaginable. John Newman quotes "that a college or university is a place where students learn from teachers. We can't help but to share knowledge and educate one another (pg. 17 CCC)." Overall education shapes society because it has given medical advancements and open up new doors for our children's
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