Value Of College Education

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Do we go to college to educate ourselves further than most or just for the sake of society? Has it become a norm to attend college just because of how people in our vicinity may perceive us, or do we really do it for our own benefit? When one talks about the value of a college education, I think it is productive to look at it from a cost-benefit perspective: how do we benefit? What are the costs? As a matter of fact, a college education doesn’t always guarantee a perfect glimpse into your future, but the soft skills and experience you gain from it enable you to navigate your way into the real world. Once students get used to the personal freedom they’ve attained and been granted by a college education, it gives…show more content…
An article written by Emily Hanford, suggests that the success of getting students to maximizing their potential at college is understanding how each student learns. Teaching methods should be changed and it should be understood that there are constantly a diverse set of learners that make college slightly better. Hanford also states that education is crucial in our rapidly evolving world and that the learning methods that are used aid in the student becoming a better person post-graduation as well, which I wholeheartedly believe in and should be broadened across campuses. In an article written by Julie Lain to YOUniversityTV, she states how she is thankful for the opportunities that a prestigious college education has given her. Not only did it build her societal skills, but she also improved her writing skills tremendously as well. Furthermore, her practical skills had introduced her to an entirely new world, as she had the privilege of learning religions and politics. In my perspective, not only has this enriched her life in numerous ways but gives her a better outlook on…show more content…
It is an immense step that actually prepares you as a full-time student, and adult into the real world, where you may have to overcome obstacles with knowledge that a college student may have gathered over time. I firmly believe in all this as I can see the major disparities visible from right now than when I compare it to the time before I had joined university. College sharpened my people skills and helped in becoming a better person, and I also believe I’m still partaking in that journey, one that may change my life forever. To conclude, in today’s world the value of a college education is without any ambiguity; experience. A great experience in a college makes you go through transitions, exploration and overcome hurdles. It cultivates you as a person, making you wiser, and oblivious to the decisions that you continue to make. Higher education is likely to guarantee a high paid salary, just because of the qualifications, but a person who is fortunate to have access to it conforms a unique set of skills that follows through for the rest of their
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