Education Explosion And Educational Explosion

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CHAPTER- I INTRODUCTION Since, infra ancient to ultra modern time education has been defined in infinite ways according to social and cultural needs and norms of the society. Education is only that option or technique or tool, which develops the traits of nationality among children to make them good leading citizens of tomorrow’s nation. It is not only the modification of behavior, but a process of all-round (social, intellectual, emotional, physical and cultural) development of the children upto a critical point. The whole field of education is in a process of change. The modern world is confronting of two general problems i.e. ‘information explosion’ and ‘population explosion’. These are like two horn of a dilemma in education, which lay emphasis on more things or information to learn and more people to be taught. It is called ‘education explosion’ which include both qualitative improvement and quantitative expansion. No educational administrator of any significance has pressed for more expansion with regard to quality. Similarly, advocated quality has never ruled out the need of universalization of education. “Education should reflect the enduring values that contribute to these ends. These include valuing ourselves, our families and other relationship, the wider groups to which we belong, the diversity in our society and the environment in which we live. Education should also reaffirm our commitment to the virtues of truth, justice, honesty, trust and a sense of duty.
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