Education For Democracy Martha Nussbaum Analysis

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School is a place where you go to spend about half of your life learning about topics that simply do not interest you or that truly won’t help you in the future. The U.S government tells the teachers what they need to teach in their schools for the class curriculums, so that the students can learn a healthy amount of material. The best thing is that many high schools fail to teach their students important things. Many teachers just pass students along through their class, because they don’t want to hold them back and deal with them for another year, but soon enough most of us move onto college. I’ve seen many people fail during college, because their high school did not push them to try to achieve great grades. Soon enough most people go to college today which costs an arm and a leg. College is a place where most people are now treated as adults and teachers become stricter with their rules and assignments. This causes many kids to either try harder or it opens people’s eyes and shows that college is not…show more content…
Martha Nussbaum, then reminds the reader that these types of colleges are very active in class and to stay afloat in them, it’s highly recommended that you participate in class, no longer can just relax and look out of the class’s windows and expect to pass, “is its characteristic emphasis on the active participation of the child in inquiry and questioning.” This relates back to what Ronald Barnett wrote about. Both writers are trying to convince their readers that college is no place to fool around. If you plan on succeeding you must push yourself, ask questions, participate in classes and do hours of library work that might just lead you nowhere. College is a time to grow and isn’t always
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