Essay On Education And Skills Gap

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Introduction As a society we have excelled significantly in terms of technology, education and standard of living in the last century. We have made more progress in the last few decades alone than all the progress made in the last millennium. From landing a man on the moon to inventing whole computer that can fit in the palm of our hands. But can we as a society say that we were flawless in the way we achieved those goals? The answer to that is a simple “no”. We divided the world up, the elite only got richer while the poor only got poorer. Amidst all this an education and skills gap was created. This gap has only only gotten larger in the past decades and continues to grow at an alarming rate. How can we move on as a society when 1/5 of us can’t even read or write? This is just the tip of the ice berg. This gap mainly resides between first and third world countries. Lack of education inevitably leads to lack of skills which then leads to low income jobs and then the cycle repeats. In order to stop the cycle, we as a society have to take action. If we keep doing what we have done, we will end up with what we have gotten in the past. And that’s nothing to be proud of.…show more content…
The solution to the skills gap will automatically follow. Definition of Key Terms Educational Gap The educational gap is usually defined as the difference between countries in the level of education it’s citizens receive. Although it is hard to measure the educational gap. Some indicator can give us a good idea. Indicators such as literacy rate, percentage of youth who attend and complete high school and the percentage of them who go on to pursue higher education. All these pieces put together form a picture which tell us the current state of education in that
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