Education In Education And My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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As education is the foundation of life, I have gone through several experiences. I found that in primary classrooms, teachers keep elite students in front row as well as provide other opportunities like giving private tuition. Moreover, teachers, as well as society believe that only academically good students are the excellent students and rejected skilled students. Since I studied in the island and Male’, I have experienced several teaching approaches which limits students’ critical thinking and creativity and unequal distribution of facilities which reduced student performance and teacher motivation. I chose the education field to make a difference in maintaining equality, developing critical thinking and creativity of children.
While designing a philosophy of myself, I would like to follow a learner centered approach which provides the intellectual, physical, moral and social development of the learner. knowledge is not something that individuals gain from the outside rather it is something that they gain through their own active experiences, their own acting on the world physically or mentally to make sense of it. I would like to include as much as redressal mechanisms for the maximum achievement of the goals of education from the schools. My personal philosophy of education owes the idea of John of Kennedy, he has mentioned in his speech. “The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.” From this statement, it emphasis mainly two

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