Education In Education And School Failure In Myanmar

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School failure among children and adolescents has long been a serious issue in Myanmar. Although education is highly valued among Myanmar families, low enrolment, poor attendance, and high school dropout rates suggest poor quality education, bad school experiences and negative academic outcomes (Save the Children, 2017). According to a comprehensive education sector review, only one in five Myanmar youths completes high school (Becker, 2015). More than 75% of students fell below a basic Myanmar language proficiency, and 79% of students did not earn a pass score on Mathematics in Myanmar language and Mathematics learning achievement test according to a child-friendly school baseline study, comparing students countrywide (UNICEF, 2012). Therefore, enhancing the academic performance of students is an important topic on the agenda for government and educational administrators in Myanmar. In order to help children and youth to thrive academically, the government and educational administrators emphasize education system reform. Recently, many efforts have been made to improve curriculum, pedagogy, teacher training, and education policy. It is without doubt that an effective education system can produce positive academic outcomes for children and youth. However, academic success is a complex concept, and there is no single pathway towards academic success. According to Wang et al. (1997), other support systems (i.e., family, peer, school, and community) are as important as the

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