Second Language Reflection

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It was late in the afternoon. Hot and stuffy, with a rusty fan whirring around and cicadas buzzing outside, the air was permeated by a sense of disturbance. “Rhino is ‘xī niú’, hippo is ‘hé mǎ’, is it clear now, Lele?” Shaking his head, Lele, a 7-year-old boy who suffered from mental impairment and was learning English from me, failed to understand my explanations of English words in Chinese again. Eventually, I gave up on the repetitive translations and used pictures to illustrate the word meaning, which, to my surprise, turned out to be more comprehensible. Suddenly, the clarity struck me, “Was this English teaching approach with less infusion of mother tongue more time-saving and effective?” It was the moment when I first thought from a…show more content…
The MPhil in Research in Second Language Education strikes me with the similarities it shares with my past experiences: both of them aim to develop a better understanding of the theoretical and practical considerations in the field of second language education. The four modules, focusing on learning, pedagogical, policy and research context respectively, can guide me to recognize and analyze language education further in depth via a systematic framework. Through studying teaching methods across cultures, in particular, I could not only further examine the role that the culture plays in the variation of language pedagogies, but also learn from the essence of each pedagogical approach for future practice. Moreover, as a student who attended a foreign language high school, I am so interested in the research on School Multilingualism and Foreign Language Education hosted by CRiCLE-Net and hope to study how the second language acquisition will, in turn, influence the learners’ self-cognition towards their own language and culture. With all the knowledge and skills learnt, I hope to develop English teaching approaches appropriate for student groups with different characteristics and study how people’s way of speaking has evolved with the globalization in which diverse languages crash and mingle with each other. And in the long run, I wish to devote myself to continuous domestic and international teaching activities, achieving a deeper understanding towards second language education in various pedagogical environments and helping children from all over the world have an access to language

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