Education In Frederick Douglass's Life

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Education played a big role in Frederick’s life. Douglass had this great idea where he believed that having an education would help him survive the slave world. As he begins his narrative he introduces himself as a former slave and the son of a white master. He sees how even though he is son to a white male, he is still seen as a slave, uneducated and ignorant. Douglass mentions his narrative that at this point of life he really has no accurate account of his real age. Douglass as well expresses that many “slaves know as little of their ages as horses know of theirs, and it is the wish of most masters within my knowledge to keep their slaves thus ignorant” (Douglass). From this quote he compares slaves to horses, how horses are much more capable…show more content…
Auld. He started to learn the alphabet and as well form words. Throughout this learning experience with Mrs. Auld he had the opportunity to learn and become educated. He came to a realization that many slaves both men and women were deprived from this form of privilege because their slave holders believed that literacy would cause for the slaves to rebel and act against them. Although Mrs. Auld had great intentions to help Frederick but her husband on the other hand was against his education. Mr. Auld believed that literacy is an enemy to slaves and will ruin their lives. Fredrick as well mentions in his narration that “education and slavery were incompatible with each other” (Douglass). From this quote he mentions exactly what Mr. Auld referred to which made him question how important literacy really is. Douglass saw that Mr. Auld wanted to prevent black slaves to not become literate so slavery can still be alive. Frederick as well realizes that education and becoming a literate slave will cause for them to free themselves. For Mr. Auld this is a great disadvantage but was aware that the slaves will not be physically free. Douglass states that being “a slave for life began to bear heavily upon his heart” (Douglass). With this thought in mind he knew that with the help of Mrs. Auld or on his own he had to become literate as soon as he could. Fredrick knew that in order to be free and have the
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