Education In George Orwell's Politics And The English Language

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“Politics and the English Language “ was written in 1946. Orwell analyzed “ the debasement of language”. In a society which values should be preserved by them, however, evolved, or regressed, if it is considered to be made up of normal people, naturally, at least until today, we can draw the conclusion that education plays an essential role, survival, and represents an expression language natural to first furiously casting needs information within the community. Etiologies argue that, in one way or another, even the animals are dealing with "education" , you learn to sing if they are birds or to hunt if they are feline, build a shelter or to produce certain sounds that express a specific dramatics. Of course, education is a must, but the people…show more content…
Later, this need by providing resumes in the workplace, i.e. in the field professionally, where the person learns to reconcile the need for socialization and collaboration in a team or dealing with the hierarchy of self affirmation fills through a competitive behavior. In the family, as well as in the sphere of everyday life, searching for the ineditului transfer often over its language and vulgarity. A stable source of picturesque language seems to constitute the now vulgar language "learned" in the family, especially the violent, having among their essential traits tend toward innovation, towards a permanent refresh. Students learn most things about aggression, violence, vulgarity, lying, lack of scruples, vedetism from tv and from the family environment. There are also a number of more general theoretical aspects that we can retain from this type of approach. They illustrate the guidelines of the most productive today, because changes in good measure a paradigm that has dominated for a long time in the study of familial and social language. It must be admitted that not only the
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