Education In John Dewey's Idea Of Progressive Education

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Today, many educators argue that education should be democratic in order to function social relations and the growth of development of the individual. Nearly, hundred years ago John Dewey (1859 - 1952) argued for this in one of his well - known book titled “Democracy and Education” which was written in 1916. In this book one of his main argument was, that democracy is a necessary way of living together to protect individuality and maintain social harmony. According to John Dewey the aim of education is to formulate the young people to participate fully in the democratic society. This intention can be accomplished by cultivating certain skills like critical thinking, focusing on student needs, participating students in the democratic life and inculcating values in the young minds of the school itself. Today his progressive movement is widespread across many countries as he promotes student centered learning rather than teacher centered education. Therefore, I strongly support, Dewey’s idea of Progressive education and I would manifest these fundamental aims of education in an educational institute where I would lead.
First of all, I believe that our system should focus more on holistic/Creative education rather than rote learning or memorizing facts. There are several advantages of shifting creative education over rote learning in today’s classrooms. However, it is sad to say that still a large no of teachers in Maldivian Classrooms focus on

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