Education In Malaysia Case Study

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Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy located in Southeast Asia. In 1957, Malaysia gained independence from British in. Due to the British rules from 1786 to 1957, almost all Malaysians are able to cope with more than 3 different languages which are Malay, English and their own mother tongue. This is a very big advantage to attract large businesses from different countries especially the western businesses. Start from that time, Malaysia’s economy raise gradually.
The current population of Malaysia is around 30 million where the residents are separately living in Peninsula and East Malaysia. Malaysia was considered as the 29th largest economy in the world that powered its own economic growth. In Malaysia, the soils are not really fertile but the humid tropical climate creates good conditions for plant growth. Besides that, most of the area in Malaysia was covered in
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We can see that the economy status in Malaysia is improving. However, unemployment is still a problem that the government need to concern. The workers must upgrade their working knowledge and skill actively so that they are able to feed themselves. Besides that, the negative impact of globalisation and the unpredictable changes from the international economic system must be lessen by government actions. In my opinion, the government should always review the academic curriculum in polytechnic school and Universities to ensure that the students are able to cope with what they will be applying in their job in future. Government should give provide more chances to the industrial attachment students for them to gain some practical experiences before they start to work in society. . In conclusion, this report has analysis the development of economy in Malaysia. From the analysis shown, I believe that the economy of Malaysia will be enhanced and moves into next economy stage very soon in coming
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