Essay On Numeracy And Literacy

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There are many institutions in today’s society such as family, the justice system, the economic system and the education system, which all work together to maintain a functioning society. The institute of education is a massive part of modern western world. It plays a role in the socialisation of people, prepares them for the world of work and gives the learner a sense of being, worth and an enhanced life.
When we define of education, we often only think about formal education (schooling), however it is much more than that. Being educated is not only about the grades you get, the qualifications you achieve or the amount of years you spend in the education system. It is much more than that. According to (Walsh, 2011), ‘education is the intentional, personal, social and political process through which human beings come to meanings and understandings of themselves and the world and its
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Firstly, one of the basic things that we are thought by the education institution, in particular the formal schooling system, is numeracy and literacy. Literacy is the ability to read and write. Both numeracy and literacy are essential parts of today’s society and a person without these skills would find it extremely hard to live independently and be a functioning part of their community, as these skills are used in every aspect of modern life (Bartlett & Burton, 2007). If a person does not obtain these skills they will be at a distinct disadvantage and will be dependent on other people to help them preform simple day to day tasks such as paying a bill, reading a recipe or even going shopping. It will be hard for them to find a job that does not involve numeracy and literacy, in some way, and so may struggle to gain employment. There is a social stigma attached to not having these skills and so many adults find it hard to admit that they do not have these skills and as a result to nothing to rectify the problem (Bartlett & Burton,
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