Education In Modern Society

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There are many institutions in today’s society such as family, the justice system, the economic system and the education system, which all work together to maintain a functioning society. The institute of education is a massive part of modern western world. It plays a role in the socialisation of people, prepares them for the world of work and gives the learner a sense of being, worth and an enhanced life.
When we define of education, we often only think about formal education (schooling), however it is much more than that. Being educated is not only about the grades you get, the qualifications you achieve or the amount of years you spend in the education system. It is much more than that. According to (Walsh, 2011), ‘education is the intentional,
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‘Socialisation is a process of induction into society’s culture, norms and sustained’ (Bartlett & Burton, 2007). It provides us with the skills and awareness that is needed to work as part of society (Walsh, 2011). Although some this process is completed in the home (by the parents, peers and social media), much of it is left to the education system and other institutions. Durkheim believed, that society could not function if there wasn’t sufficient homogeneity among the people and that this is achieved by establishing expectations and norms, from birth, through education. He, and other functionalists thought that form birth, we were socialised, which includes learning language, right from wrong, what is expected from us etc. (Bartlett & Burton, 2007). They believed that without this, society would not be socially cohesive and so wouldn’t function. Durkheim also believed that schools where controlled by society and that the education system should be constantly be changing to reflect the beliefs and values of the society. As the school system reflects society, it teaches the students the beliefs and culture of the area and in turn the students then have the views of society, making it easy for them to cooperate and function in the community. For example, in current times, the education system is evolving to incorporate new technology such as computer programing and the use of iPad as society now believes it is an essential part of life. It is now also the law that children must attend school until the age of 16 because that is now the belief in Ireland today. In this way, the schooling system is largely responsible for the socialisation of people, as it takes on the needs and wants of society and incorporates it into the
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