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There are a lot of factor that affect the growth of Nigeria. Certainly, education is one of the factor that affect the economy of Nigeria as well. From the view of economist, a larger population within a country is one of a benefit that increase the rate of economy growth, especially the educated people. In Nigeria, there are a system of education that affect and assist the growth of economy. The system of education in Nigeria is based on the 6-3-3-4 system. Nursery education in this country forms the 1st stage of learning process but lots of families can’t afford to send their toddlers to nursery schools. So, this 6-3-3-4 education system has then been developed. It includes 3 levels of institutional learning processes at the primary…show more content…
Like a primary school, they also must wear school attires while attending the school. Mixed secondary schools are no longer rare in Nigeria today. Boys and girls at the secondary school level are often sent to separate schools (boys’ schools and girls’ schools). English is the language of instruction to be used in secondary teaching level. At the secondary school level, technical and commercial secondary schools offer courses like academic and specialized subjects to be taught which is lasting up to 6 years. In the 1st phase of secondary education, pupils who pass the Junior Secondary School Examination (JSSE) will be successfully go to the 2nd phase of education. This 2nd phase of teaching includes writing and final Senior Secondary School Examination (SSSE). These two phases are each last for 3 years of study. In order to obtain admission into private schools such as Government Colleges, Federal Colleges and University Secondary Schools, students must not only come from well-to-do families, their parents or guardians must also have high and powerful connections. Quality of education in these private schools are far higher than what is obtainable in normal secondary schools. Despite that, pupils who wish to study at a university level must have at least 5 credits (in not more than 2 exams) out of the subjects they entered for in SSSE. For the poor children, they are

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