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The state of education in Pakistan is in shambles. It has been 64 years since Pakistan got freedom but we are still far behind other countries in terms of education. Education is one of the basic factors which play a vital role in the development of a country. Education confirms sound foundation of social equity awareness, tolerance, self-esteem and spread of political socialization. Like many other developing countries, the situation of Pakistan’s education sector has not been very encouraging. Pakistan is the second country in the world with the highest number of children who do not go to school. According to NEP, about 72 percent make it to grade five which means a dropout rate of 28%.which means a large number…show more content…
It is the according to the ideal or assumed set of facts or principles or syllabus based on facts and figures not experience or practice. Problems with the theoretical syllabus in Pakistan’s education are not to be of the biggest problems with the syllabus in Pakistan is that it is not being renewed as time passes. Outdated syllabus is a real problem for students in Pakistan. Syllabus is the backbone of any educational institution and the most threatening fact in the educational system of Pakistan is that it has not been changed since several decades and it will not be wrong if we say that the syllabus being taught to the students now is the same which was being taught to our parents or even our grandparents. There has been no modernization or advancement. The basic need today is to make our students learn the modern concepts and theories. The syllabus need to be modified and proper amendments need to be made. The research questions we will be looking at are as…show more content…
Quality is the key concern of academia across the globe and several efforts in multiple directions are made by the administrators and academicians to induce this component into the teaching learning situation. What I have analyzed is that the subjects being offered are too few or are mostly the basic ones generally in all public schools. Students responses are not encouraged at all, teacher’s absenteeism rate is too high. The behavior of the teachers with the students is generally cold and is not welcoming at all which demotivated the students. Moreover due to the one way communication the students self-confidence is adversely view of the answers of the students we interviewed age bracket 12 to 20,it was found that the students were not learning much from the regular curriculum. They found the syllabus to be monotonous and boring, no activities were taking place, they had a very monotonous routine and major problem in Pakistan lies here.The syllabus being offered does not develop any interest in the children. Remote memorization is the only option given to the students. Teachers want answers exactly they are, no critical thinking is welcomed. If the students do not write answers in the exact way they have been written or describes in the outdated textbooks, theywill not be given marks/grades. Another problem with the syllabus being taught in Pakistan’s schools is

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