Education In Prison Reform

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Research Paper In today’s culture, there have been many reasons why people go to prison.A few reasons why people go to prison is economic purposes, pride, and affiliations. After many people are freed from jail, more than half of ex-inmates return for another period of time which is called recidivism.According to the definition of recidivism is “repeated or habitual relapse, as into crime”. Why are there so many ex-inmates getting incarcerated for another term? Education in prison reform systems is not fully engaged in getting inmates education, which results in many issues as being a part of society with the label as an offender. Education in prison reform systems does not give offenders the opportunity to have a proper education,…show more content…
Manifesting education in prison reform systems to prevent recidivism can help the community lower crime rates. The declaration of independence explains the “Pursuit Of Happiness” as moral goodness, distinguishing the right from wrong. If more prison education systems encouraged educating not just academically but morally, the environment will be safer and more cost efficient. In the article “Prison Reform: Reducing Recidivism By Strengthening the federal bureau of prisons” Yates quotes “ Research shows that inmates who participate in correctional education programs have 43 percent lower odds of returning to prison than those who do not”. This quote implies that the more reform systems educated their inmates the less crime will occur which will result to a safer community. Fewer people will get harmed or robbed because felons will realize that 's wrong. Also, With education to prevent recidivism can help the community by lower taxpayer cost for prisons and inmates. Overpopulation rates have been a problem and the cost to create a jail cell is more than a hundred thousand dollars. So imagine the cost to build an entire prison. The taxpayer is paying the increasingly high amount for the maintenance of the prison and for the inmates. With more intense educational programs, recidivism rates and overpopulated prisons will lower.In the article “Price Of Prison” The author Christian Henrichson gets more in depth with the amount of spending taxpayers spend for inmates. The state varies of taxes that need to be paid but in general, the cost is very high. The result of overpopulation and recidivism decreasing, Taxpayers can focus on using their money for a better environmental issue. There are numerous environmental problems such as streets, schools, and places that can use our tax money to help our

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